About Artist

"Whimsical ideas, quirky designs and utilitarian products with a touch of humour and temptingly realistic miniature characterise my work. The realistic look of my food is imitated from original forms found in day to day life. Food miniatures is my favourite recurring theme. Having lived in Asia, Middle East and Africa, I draw inspiration from many cultural landscapes of my life-path."

I am a qualified biochemist, and I started my career as a Fashion Designer in 1996. In early 2005, I accidentally stumbled upon some colourful beads made out of polymer clay and I was completely intrigued by the medium . I also took formal training in Pottery and Ceramics Fine Arts in 2006 . A ceramic piece could take me weeks to complete, but with polymer clay there is an instant gratification and unlike ceramic you can see the results immediately. Armed with that “ I can do it” attitude, I forged ahead into a world unknown to me. The world of the polymer clay and i was instantly at home. So after working for over a decade in retail industry, I switched gears and began working as a polymer clay miniaturist in late 2009. I met many people and artists whose influence have enhanced my journey in many unexpected ways.

Though I have set aside my designing career to work with polymer clay, I have not lost my love for the rendering and sketching. I frequently combine my skill as a Fashion Designer with other medium in my work. In recent years I also had an opportunity to add metal clay skills to my repertoire.

My motto in life is to keep moving forwards and make impossible possible.I live in Ahmedabad (India), with my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog “Bailey” . I work full-time from my studio in developing my business and sell my work online. Life is good. Professionally and personally, its pretty wonderful!!

-Shirali Patel