About small Idea

All products of small IDEA are 100% handmade and are made out of love. These pieces have taken years of practice and hardwork to reach to this level of perfection. What you are buying is not just a product but it’s a piece of artist's heart and soul. It is years of persistence textured with innumerous failures and some moments of pure joy!

small IDEA is the artist's vision, starting from idea conceptulization to product composition. Right from incorporating various techniques into sculpting a piece to photographing and packaging, small IDEA is built with lot of love and joy and hope it gives you the similar joy and delight.

Every single component is handmade from scratch by mixing various different shades of clay and then hand sculpting it. This clay is a mixture of PVC and coloured particles that harden when fired at 130 degree temperature . Every product is usually a part of a series, and is fully handmade; hence every single piece is unique. You might find slight differences between different products from the same series. For each item a single photo session is done, therefore in some cases shipped item might have slight difference than the original photos listed. However, in any case its a promise that it will definitely be more beautiful then what you expected.

As with any mixed media art and miniature items, please keep items away from direct heat, extreme moisture, and small children and pets…