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Nimbu Mirchi Nazarbattu Miniature Lapel Brooch Pin

Nimbu Mirchi Nazarbattu Miniature Lapel Brooch Pin

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Nimbu Mirchi Nazarbattu miniature lapel brooch pin is a miniature to bring smile on anyones face who sees it. Traditional Indians believes that it ward off evil eye or negative energies. The miniature has 7 chillies and a lemon hanging on a pin. The combination of lemon and chili is believed to have a purifying effect and is thought to create a protective shield against negative energies. The lemon is believed to absorb any negative energies, while the chili pepper is believed to repel them. While the effectiveness of this nimbu mirchi nazarbattu is a matter of personal belief and cultural tradition, this nimbu mirchi nazarbattu miniature lapel brooch pin offers zero protection and 100% delight.

Nimbu Mirchi Nazarbattu Miniature Lapel Brooch Pin - Features

  • Material- Polymer Clay and Metal Findings
  • Size-L-3.2cms
  • Processing time-7 to 10 days
  • Domestic Delivery- 5 to 6 days
  • International Delivery- 3 to 4 Weeks

After Care

  • Do not pull the miniature piece, always wipe them with dry soft cloth.
  • Do not microwave or dish wash it.
  • If wet, dab dry it with tissue. Paper items cannot be washed.
  • Loose pieces can be re stuck with fewiqvik or araldite.

Note-Everything is made by hands from scratch. Finer details might be slightly different from the photos. However i do take time to make everything look as close or even better than in photographs. This listing is for 1 unit only. Props in the photos are not for sale.

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